What To Know When You Buy Discus Fish Online


Regardless on how you perceive it, more and more businesses are being conducted online. With our increasing demand for fast and convenient mode of buying and selling, we turn to the internet. This consequently results to a lot of brick and mortar establishments closing while more online stores are opening up. As expected, these changes also affect the way we purchase pets for our aquariums. These days, it’s easy to find discus fish for sale online than in a physical pet store.

In this article, we will try to reveal some insider knowledge on how to make your experience in buying discus fish online enjoyable and free from any mishaps.

Expensive Shipping Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Premium Discus Fish Products

Some hobbyists would say that for you to ensure that you get the best quality discus fish, you should buy one from online sellers demanding expensive shipping rates. This is quite the contrary as reputable online discus sellers ship products frequently and consistently that they enjoy special shipping rates from shippers like UPS, FedEx, Southwest Cargo, etc.

Don’t think that because the shipping cost is low, it means the discus fish you’re getting are of cheap quality.

Your Water Parameters Versus that of Your Online Discus Supplier

It is commonly thought that before a buyer decides to buy discus fish online he must make sure that his water parameters are in synch with the seller’s or from the person he’s buying from.

In fact, discus fish can easily adjust to any water parameters just as long as they remain constant once changes have been made. Also, it is important to note that it is discouraged to use chemicals to adjust water parameters. This is because chemicals cause abrupt changes which often result to fish fatalities. A lot of reputable discus fish sellers in California, including us, guarantee zero-chemical when doing water changes.

Regarding Pictures of Actual Discus Fish You’re Buying

It is often advised among buyers that discus sellers who send pictures of the actual fish you intend to buy are only the ones who can be trusted. Again, this notion warrants some debunking. Think of it: you are buying discus from a seller who keeps discus out of his own backyard. You can expect for these small-time sellers to only have 1 or 2 breeding pairs. This makes it possible for them to send you pics of the actual fish you’re buying.

In a different situation, you are buying from large-scale breeders who breed pairs by the hundreds or more. With thousands of discus fry in mind, it would be impossible for them to take a snapshot of that exact fish you are vying for. What they can do is send you pictures of how the fish might look like when they are fully grown, and this is totally fine. On our part as discus sellers, we make sure to pick the best among the group of discus in the tank. Whoever orders first, gets the best.

Buying Discus Fish from Different Sellers

Again, it’s easy to hear people saying that it’s a mortal sin to mix discus bought from different breeders. Of which we say that as long as you have done your research and took extra precautions when mixing discus fish from different sources – there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep together discus coming from multiple sellers.

We understand that there are buyers who are quite apprehensive when buying discus fish for sale online. However, choosing the right discus fish store in California could only go so much as checking their customer reviews, feedback and accreditation. If you find one (or more) that displays positive in all these aspects, then you’ve struck gold. Good luck and happy discus fish keeping.

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