For the past years, the growing interest in keeping a freshwater aquarium fish sharks has been growing rapidly! These iconic fish have been legends in maintaining their reputation of being a remarkable human companions. Mind you, watching a freshwater shark swim around in a fish tank never gets old! Now, let us explore the top 9 interesting freshwater sharks! Together, let’s learn!

  • Albino Rainbow Shark
    • One of the classic and beloved aquarium fish, the Albino Rainbow Shark, is popular due to its vibrant colors and animated personality.
    • The Albino Rainbow Shark has the spot in being the longtime favorite in the aquarium hobby.
  • Black Shark
    • The Black Shark is a large freshwater Shark that originated from the rivers and streams of Malaysia.
    • This type of freshwater shark can grow much larger and more aggressive.
  • Checkered Headstander
    • The Checkered Headstander, also known as the Spotted Headstander, is known for its behavior where it positions itself with its head pointed downward when resting.
    • This type of freshwater shark is a shy fish yet very peaceful making it very ideal for the community or planted aquarium.
  • Spotted Leporinus
    • One of the most popular and brightly colored freshwater shark, the Spotted Leporinus is indeed a beauty!
    • The Spotted Leporinus is an excellent community fish and but it can get relatively big.
    • This fish is very hardy and extraordinarily active and it is a must to keep them in a large aquarium.
  • Leporinus Octomaculatus
    • The Leporinus Octomaculatus is one of the uncommon and attractively marked species of Leporinus.
    • This freshwater shark originated from Orinoco Basin in Colombia and Venezuela.
    • The Leporinus Octomaculatus loves to make its habitat in fast flowing waters and shallow blackwater swamps.
  • Rainbow Shark
    • The Rainbow Shark also called as Ruby shark originated in Southeast Asia.
    • They are not a saltwater fish but instead, thrive in freshwater. In particular, they live in the rivers of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Malaysia
    • This type of freshwater shark prefer to live in rivers with sandy bottoms with plenty of plankton.
  • Rainbow Shiner
    • Rainbow Shiner is known for its incredible multi-coloration.
    • These fishes (Notropsis chrosomus) is a small cyprinid species that is native to the Southeasten United States.
    • It is known for its incredible multi-coloration (particularly in males) during breeding season.
    • It can be kept in a room temperature or subtropical aquarium and it is great for planted aquariums.
  • Strawberry Leporinus
    • The Strawberry Leporinus is popular yet rare in the world of fishkeeping.
    • These fishes are know to a fast swimmer yet peaceful tank mates for other active and fast-moving fish.   .
    • Strawberry Leporinus has been tank raised in limited numbers in Southeast Asia.
  • Striped Leporinus
    • The Striped Leporinus is a very beautiful fish and an elegant addition in the aquarium community.
    • It is an actively swimming fish, conquering the middle and bottom parts of the tank.
    • The Striped Leporinus are also reasonably priced, so many fish-keepers can easily afford them.

Indeed, Freshwater “Sharks” are indeed a mesmerizing beauty to keep! Note that, these fishes are very tolerant of a wide range of water conditions and easy to feed. At the end note, freshwater Sharks are indeed a showpiece specimens if they are keep properly.

If you feel curious on keeping a freshwater “Sharks”, might as well visit our website and choose! You can also comment down below for your queries and suggestions.

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