Introducing one of the very expensive, rare, and coveted live fish around the world, the Albino Silver Arowana. With a scientific name of “Osteoglossum bicirrhosum”, Albino Silver Arowanas are known to be a symbol of status, richness, and elegance. Dubbed as the Dragon Fish, these fishes are both rare and breathtaking! Let’s go and learn more about them!


  • The Albino Silver Arowana is a freshwater fish present in South America.
  • Adults are a pearly silver shade unlike the young Arowanas that has a blue glint.
  • These fishes very giant scales and an enormous downturned mouth.
  • Albino Silver Arowanas have a long and slender bodies while their bodies do taper off towards their tailfins.
  • The Albino Silver Arowana is the largest of all the Arowana.
  • It can attain an intimidating 47 inches within the wild and is commonly an excessive amount of for all however the superior freshwater aquarist to handle.
  • Albino Silver Arowanas have very light yellow to white bodies with red eyes. Note that, Albinism is caused by a genetic condition causing the lack of pigmentation throughout the body of the fish.


  • Albino Silver Arowanas are estimated to live for 10 to 15 years life span.
  • In good living conditions, these fishes can live over twenty years in captivity.


  • Albino Silver Arowana is giant and infrequently aggressive with the potential of speedy growth.
  • These fishes are known to be strong and powerful swimmers.
  • Albino Silver Arowanas are predatory and require a very large tank.
  • They can be usually found close in waters surfaces that has heavily overgrown areas with lots of cover.
  • These fishes have a singular predatory behaviour.


Tank Size & Environment

  • The estimated tank size of Albino Silver Arowanas are 250 gallons.
  •  Tank set up can include fresh waters, rocks and plants.
  • Put special consideration toward the width of the tank, because even when the fish grows longer than the aquarium fish tank is wide, they’re still active enough to turn around if given ample space.
  • Glass thickness for tanks must never be compromised. Albino Silver Arowanas are powerful enough to break glass that’s less than half an inch thick.
  • Always keep your tanks in spacious places where there is an easily accessible good water source, drain, and where added humidity will not be an issue.
  • Use a mesh cover with holes small enough for the Albino Silver Arowana’s fins not to get tangled, yet flexible enough not to cause bump traumas.
  • Having a sturdy tank lid with no gaps is a MUST!

Feeding Requirements

  • Albino Silver Arowanas can be trained to take fish food pellets.
  • In some cases, these fishes need a very meaty diet with regular addition of feeder.
  • Some of the best foods to feed them are earthworms, shrimps, Beef heart, and crab meats.
  • Albino Silver Arowana eats different smaller fish tropical, water fleas, mosquito larvae combined with freeze-dried ocean plankton, krill, and pellet meals.
  • Young Albino Silver Arowanas are fed 2-3 times a day.
  • Adults are fed once a day feed them only what they can eat 1 to 2 minutes.


  • Adult Albino Silver Arowanas are finest when they love alone in their big tank because of their size and necessities.
  • If housed with different tank mates they have to be giant sufficient to not be swallowed completely by the Albino Silver Arowana and should not occupy the higher part of the tank.
  • The Albino Silver Arowana can get along with ….
    • Large catfish
    • Parrotfish
    • Jaguar Cichlid
    • Pacu (if the tank is large enough)
    • Silver Dollar Fish
    • Large Plecos
    • Bichir
    • Green Terror Cichlid
    • Black Ghost Knife Fish


  • The Albino Silver Arowana is one of the most sought-after fish in the aquarist community.
  • Its considered to be the pinnacle freshwater aquarium fish of the hobby.
  • Many consider that Albino Silver Arowanas convey good luck and fortune.
  • It has large, metallic scales, like coins; whiskers that jut from its chin; and it looks like a Chinese Dragon.
  • Its appearance has started the belief that the Albino Silver Arowana brings good luck and prosperity.


  • Clear eyes
  • Eat vigorously
  • Swimming at the top of the aquarium
  • Color should be bright and shiny


  • Albino Silver Arowanas are rare among others fish because breeding them in captivity is quite rare.
  • This species is quite a bit finicky about breeding.
  • These fishes are very rare and extremely expensive.
  • Albino Silver Arowanas can cost you thousands of dollars to purchase.
  • The main reasons why the Arowana is so expensive is because the fish is on the endangered species list and in high demand.

The Albino Silver Arowana is indeed the rarest of them all. It’s an exotic fish and its beauty is in very high demand in the world of fishkeeping. Finding it can be tough but keeping it is always a challenge. Note that, keeping this fish is a long time commitment. One should understand first its mechanics before deciding to grab this responsibility. The rarest of them all, the Albino Silver Arowana, has shown us how good the combination of power, status, and beauty is. Indeed, its rarity is the key to its popularity.

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  1. They are beautiful but not nearly as rare as you claim, my go to fish store nearby gets shipments of a hundred or so Albino Silvers like 3 times a year. Also not all that expensive compared to any other species such as Black/African/Asian Arowanas. I could walk out of the store with a 5-7 inch Albino silver for like 100-120$, when a similar size Black or African Arowana would probably run 200-300$ each. That being said a 100$ fish is not “cheap” but compared to many other freshwater oddballs and rare predatory fish I would consider 120$ very reasonable.

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