Shipping Guides

We offer delivery directly to your doorstep via UPS next Day Air. We ship via UPS Next Day Air Monday through Thursday only. Which gives you a Tuesday through Friday delivery option. We will not ship any fish and/or package for Saturday delivery as Fridays are quite busy for UPS. We will not ship fish via UPS 2-day air, express saver or ground. UPS rates vary depending on where you live and how many fish you are purchasing. You will be able to see your shipping cost prior to placing your order. It is important that you are home to receive delivery of your fish. If you are unable to be home to receive delivery, we recommend the Hold for Pick Up option. With the Hold for Pick-up option, you can pick up your fish at your local UPS hub.

If you, the customer, request to change from delivery to pickup in UPS Station on the same day you get the tracking number, the package will be available for pick up on time. If the request to change it while the package is already in the UPS driver’s truck out for delivery, it will automatically be changed to available for pick up the next day, not on time.


This is hands down the best method for you to receive your order. Unfortunately, we know that not all of our customers will be able to come and pick up their orders. If you are local, we would love to have you come and pick your orders from our facility. We are located in Canoga Park, California. All customers are welcome to come and get your order at our facility from 10:00am-2:00pm, Tuesday to Saturday, and by appointment only. We here at US Tropical Fish have an open door facility, so even if you’re not buying a fish – please feel free to come down and look at our fish collections!


Southwest Cargo is another shipping method option we offer to our customers. This method is highly recommended to WHOLESALE and BULK buying customers. Picking this option automatically means that you are aware that shipping cost is collect and will be determined by the SOUTHWEST CARGO staff upon pickup of the package at the airport. We charge $24 for the BOX fee(NOT the actual shipping cost), this is the cost of the BOX used in packaging the order and everything that comes with it. If you are unsure about the $24/Box cost, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone call. SW Cargo will carry your order to airport located near you.

In any case of delay or shipping damage caused by Southwest Cargo, please file claim against them. US Tropical Fish staff delivers the package in top condition to the shipper’s facility, any negligence by the shipper must be settled with the shipper and NOT by US Tropical Fish.

Policy Guidelines

Did receive DOA fishes? We OFFER LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE Policy. Simply follow the instructions given and you will be assured of a refund. To know more on DOA CLAIMS, click this link to READ MORE

In case of DOAs, 10% or more dead fish per bag is refundable and covered by the LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE policy. Refund is calculated per fish value. However, live arrival guarantee is applicable only IF and ONLY IF the customer followed the LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE Procedure (see below).

In case that there’s more than 50% of DOA fish arrived, we will refund the shipping cost in full. 

If 20%-50% of total Fish arrived DOA. We refund 50% of its shipping cost.

However, DOA of 20% or less, shipping cost will not be refunded. 

Cutoff of order is 5-7 days prior arrival day. However, if the ordered fish, although available but will take few more days to be prepared, will be have to be included in the NEXT shipment(2-6 weeks).

Any CANCELLATION of Pre-Order between the CUTOFF and DELIVERY DAY will be charged 50% fee of the order value.

We observe strict implementation of policies in all aspects in our businesses. Any unsettled transactions will be held until payment is received from the customer. NO PAYMENT, NO SHIPMENT Policy is implemented and all are expected to adhere to such policy.

We will house any fish that are not ready to ship and will be shipped another day with customer’s permissions.

We will house the fish for 3 days. The buyer/customer must claim the fish within 3 days. If the fish are not picked-up/shipped/claimed after 3 days, we reserve the right to the fish and forfeit the customer’s claim.

DOA policy for transshipping.
DOA will be covered by the SUPPLIER.
From source to LAX. Shipping is 50% refundable to LAX in case fish arrive dead.
UPS shipping is 100% refundable if fish arrives dead in LAX.

From UST to end customer
UPS shipping is 100% refundable only if shipment DOESN’T arrive by 8pm delivery day.

If you received the fish but has issues/defects or does not meet to what is described in the store, please CALL and EMAIL us NO LATER THAN TWO HOURS of receiving the fish. Please provide a proof by video taping the fish out from the box and have it placed in a clear container that can clearly show any claimed issues or defects.​ 

As generally known to everyone, fishes are measured by the following rule: “From the TIP of the TAIL to the TIP of the MOUTH”.

Here at US Tropical Fish, we ship your order on the date scheduled. The transit is now under the carrier’s hands. IF any delay that is caused by the shipping company which results to damage of the package, e.g. Fish DOA, please refer to the DOA Submit page for more information. 

SALE/PROMO is NOT applicable to ALL orders made prior and/or after the SALE/PROMO period. 

Here at US Tropical Fish, we make sure that the fishes are reserved in a separate tank as soon as payment is received. In any case that the customer chooses to cancel the order, we reserve the rights to take 15% of the total value of the fish that were ordered. Thus, refunding only 85% to the customer.​ As soon as the customer orders, he/she will have 24 hours of grace period to cancel order WITHOUT getting charged. Beyond that period, 15% will be taken from the total amount of the order.​ We are imposing this policy to ensure that the customers are totally aware of their purchases. Processing the fish for every order takes man power and time. Therefore, a cancelled order is already equivalent to a loss in time and man power.