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White Fin Rosy Tetra

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Scientific Name

Hyphessobrycon Rosaceus

The White Fin Rosy Tetra is an enjoyable addition to a peaceable community aquarium with different smaller fishes. It has the deep-bodied form of bigger tetras, just like the Bleeding Heart Tetra.

These fish make a great addition to the aquarium, the males displaying the brightest coloration.

Most specimens out there in at present’s market are tank bred however this doesn’t take away from their magnificence, they’re additionally classed as a peaceable species and take to each other with different tank mates as long as they’re stored in a small group.

Care Level:
Lifespan: 5years

Fish Size



250pcs, 115pcs, 50pcs, 150pcs, 65pcs, 30pcs


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