Threadfin Rainbow Fish

Scientific Name

Iriatherina werneri


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The Threadfin Rainbow (Werneri)
The Threadfin Rainbow (Werneri) is a peaceful shoaling fish best kept in a group of 6 or more individuals for them to thrive and show their best coloration. They have long feather-like fins that flow gracefully as they swim, they are a good addition to community aquariums without fin-nipping and boisterous tankmates.
Threadfin Rainbow (Werneri) prefers densely planted aquariums with floating plants and driftwoods to diffuse the lighting coming from the aquarium. They have a very small mouth opening, in the captive environment you can feed them with live foods such as Daphnia, Moina, Artemia nauplii, micro worm, copepods, etc., although small/crushed floating dried foods are also accepted.


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