Pygmy Leopard Catfish

Scientific Name

Synodontis Petricola


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The Pygmy Leopard Catfish Dwarf named also Cuckoo Catfish and Synodontis Petricola, is a variety of catfish, derive from the Mochokidae family. It is of brown color with black spottings, black fins beared with white, white mustache and black bifurcated caudal fin. This catfish is also known for its tendency to swim upside-down as well as its ability to squeak or croak when removed from the water. It is often very active, especially for a catfish, and it is compatible with a wide variety of fish.

Fish Size:

1.5", 1.75", 2", 1", 1.25"


50pcs, 23pcs, 10pcs, 30pcs, 14pcs, 6pcs, 40pcs, 18pcs, 8pcs, 80pcs, 35pcs, 16pcs, 60pcs, 27pcs, 12pcs


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