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Albino Neon Tetra


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The Albino Neon Tetra is not natively found in the wild with Neon Tetras, rather, it has been selectively bred in captivity for its coloration. This means that a Tetra breeder chose a female and a male Albino Neon Tetra to spawn and produce offspring in the hopes that they would breed more Albino Neon Tetra. They do not have the same vibrant, distinctive blue stripe as the Neon Tetra, but instead, they have a whitish, pearlescent hue to their bodies. They still retain the red striping that runs along their body, but they do not have the Iridescent blue stripping that the Neon Tetras have.

They are not common fish that you can purchase readily at any pet store, but they can be purchased online from breeders.

As far as their behavior goes, they are described as being less active than Neon Tetras, but just as peaceful when in a community tank set up. When introduced into the setup with a school of other Neon Tetras, they will school together with them.

Care Level:
Temperament: Peaceful
Lifespan: 5 years

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