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Diamond Tetra

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Scientific Name

Moenkhausia Pittieri

The Diamond Tetra, an eye-catching species that is also known as Brillantsalmler, Diamond Characin, Pittier’s Tetra and Timanttitetra. They are said to sparkle like a diamond with their silvery scales and orange accents. Most of the body takes on a silvery hue. However, the scales have an iridescent shimmer than can flash colors of orange, blue, green, and gold! The iridescent finish gets more vibrant as the fish ages, reaching its pinnacle once the fish matures.

Size: 2.5 cm
pH: 6.0-7.5
Temperature: 23-27°c (75-82° F )
Hardness: 4 to 8 KH
Lifespan: 8 years (usually only 2-4)

Fish Size



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