Chocolate Doradid

Scientific Name

Platydoras Costatus


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Chocolate Doradid’s scientific name is Platydoras armatulus. It is also called Striped Raphael catfish, talking catfish, thorny catfish and Southern Striped Raphael catfish. Chocolate Doradid is naturally curious and active, making these fish great fun to observe. Like most catfish species, Raphaels are easy to look after and extremely hardy. It has a curious tadpole like body shape with bold black and white stripes running from front to back that give the Chocolate Dorarid its striking appearance. It sports an impressive set of spines that run along its lateral line and has pronounced, dagger like pectoral and dorsal fins that can inflict pain if mishandled.

Fish Size:

1", 1.25", 1.5", 2"


80pcs, 35pcs, 16pcs, 60pcs, 27pcs, 12pcs, 40pcs, 18pcs, 8pcs, 7pcs


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