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Bubble Cheek Calico


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The Bubble Eye Goldfish’s bubbles are its most fascinating characteristic. This goldfish’s bubbles start to appear between 6 and 9 months of age, hence the name Water-Bubble Eye. The bubbles are enormous by the time these goldfish are 2 years old. The size of these water-filled bubbles can even make it challenging for this fish to see and swim.

Although the appearance of these elegant goldfish is quite intriguing, their bubble sacs are readily destroyed. The sacs are infamous for getting stuck in aquarium filters’ water intake valves. This could be avoided with the use of a foam cover over the valve. Most of the time, broken bubbles will regrow, but they will not be the same size and shape as the original bubble. Sometimes a burst bubble won’t even try to heal itself. Keep an eye on your fish and be prepared to cure it if required because broken bubbles heal slowly and are susceptible to infection.

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