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Black Ghost (3"-10")

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Scientific Name

Apteronotus Albifrons


The Black Ghost Knifefish
Black Ghost Knife Fish has a very unique appearance. They have no scales, all black with two white rings on their tail and a knife-like body shape that narrows down to the end of their tail.
Black Ghost are nocturnal species and they use electrolocation to navigate their way into murky dark waters. They are shy and not very social preferring their own company. They can be aggressive around other knife fish.
Keeping a Black Ghost in your tank requires a low-light setting with many hiding places like smooth rocks, driftwoods, plants, or any hiding spots as they mostly spend their time hiding especially during the day. They are sensitive to water conditions and they are very prone to infections as they don’t have scales.
Fish Size

3", 3.5", 4", 5", 7", 8", 10"


20pcs, 12pcs, 9pcs, 8pcs, 6pcs, 5pcs, 4pcs, 3pcs, 2pcs, 1pc


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