Peruvian Altum Angelfish

Scientific Name

Pterophyllum Scalare


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The Altum Angelfish is known from the upper Rio Negro and tributaries of the upper Rio Orinoco, including the Rio Atabapo and Rio Inírida. Here it inhabits the slower reaches of rivers, living amongst submerged roots and marginal vegetation. The Altum Angelfish is a majestic species which requires a taller than average aquarium, due to its potential adult height and long trailing finnage. Soft, acidic water with negligible hardness is requisite. Adults should never be housed with small fish (e.g. Neon Tetras) as they will quickly become a snack. The substrate should be soft and smooth, so as to protect the delicate finnage when the fish are swimming in the lower reaches of the tank, and a good cover of aquatic plants along with some tall pieces of driftwood should be provided in order for the fish to feel safe.

Sexual Dimorphism Unable to determine until in spawning mode. The males’ breeding tube is smaller, curved & more sharply pointed. Mature males may also develop a slight nuchal hump.
Maximum Size Height: up to 25cm (10”)
Temperature Very warm: 27-31 deg C (81-88 deg F)
Water Parameters Very soft, acidic conditions essential. pH: 4.8-6.2, dH: up to 5 degrees. Peat filtration suggested.
Compatibility Specialist softwater community.
Lighting Dim (brighter lighting can be diffused with plants).
Special Requirements Not to be kept with small fish.

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