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3.5-4" Blue Snake Skin

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2 reviews for 3.5-4″ Blue Snake Skin


    Excellent size abs quality best store in the market

  2. Scott Fantauzzo

    OK well it’s hard to make an informed decision based on these reviews so I decided the only way to get to the bottom of what’s really going on was to visit Uncle Sams Discus myself. I live in San Diego so it was a 2 1/2 hour drive there and three A 3 1/2 hour drive back I scheduled my visit ahead of time like many of you then just to make sure I sent an email the day before and even went as far as to call to confirm my schedule appointment my visit was for Saturday September 25th at 10 o’clock made the drive early so I could arrive an hour ahead of time just to make sure I got there on time I arrived at 9:15 The area and the building itself didn’t look very nice and there was only a very small sign on the door so I became a little worried but lo and behold at about 9:30 a gentleman named Roy showed up opened his front door and rolled up the bay door I politely told him my name was Scott and had an appointment at 10 and asked if it would be OK if I came in and just looked around for a while Roy was very nice and said yes by all means I have a few things to do and then I will be with you as soon as I’m done I was fine with that because I just wanted to take a little time to investigate and look around .The building itself may not have been clean and it’s surroundings but to my surprise the inside was extremely clean and pleasant. Now to the fish tanks I’m not sure what all the fuss has been about but these fish tanks were immaculate extremely clean no dead fish but fish indeed some of the most beautiful discus I have ever seen Roy had the system set up user-friendly and I was able to see all the discus and could tell exactly what I was looking at I spent about a half hour in aw then Roy approached me and said OK you have my undivided attention what can I do for you as we wandered around and looked at his discus he was able to tell me approximately when they were born how much they were what the pH balance was in his tanks what the temperature was and what he was feeding them he helped me pick out 14 beautiful discus ! I told him I had a 3 Hour Dr. back to San Diego and ask him how he was going to package them he double bag them made sure there was oxygen in the bag and then heat sealed the bags to ensure there were no leaks then he put them in a Styrofoam box and tape the box up very nicely for me, with the fish all snug in their bags and box I made the drive back to San Diego. I acclimated my fish and put them into their awaiting 125 gallon aquarium I fed them that evening and they ate like animals hungry animals It was GREAT to see. A quick note about having your fish shipped if you do so understand that Roy and his crew at Uncle Sams Discus have no control of the fish after they leave their facility but i can assure they are packaged very well and the box is marked LIVE FISH. What happens in between them leaving their door and arriving at your door could be detrimental to the fish remember these poor things were not meant to thrown into the back of a truck put on a plane flown to its destinations thrown back into a truck only to arrive at your door hopefully safe. But god forbid something does happen to your fish you should send a polite email to Uncle Sam’s and i’m sure he would be happy to help.

    • ust_TropImprt

      This is so heart warming, Scott. Thank you so much for this wonderful review! Many do not know our process behind the scenes BUT we definitely want to give the best to our customers. There are some factors we can not control, and there are customers we can not please. However, this review you gave for us is enough to keep our company doing the best we can do.

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