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2-3" Red Marlboro

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Scientific Name


Red Marlboro Discus has been selectively bred for its glossy red coloration. These fish has a yellow face and the main part of the body is bright red. The Anal and dorsal fins have electric blue stripes that add attractiveness of this fish. They can be fed on a wide variety of foods from small pellets, flakes, live or frozen worms as well as brine shrimp and can reach up to 10 inches.

Maintaining the recommended water pH should be between 6.0 and 6.5, the water temperature should be between 82ºF and 86ºF, and the water hardness should be soft and medium to keep these fish more active, with better metabolism, faster growth, and brighter colors.

Care Level: Difficult
Temperament: Peaceful
Lifespan: 10 Years


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