2-3″ Blue Diamond Juvies

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Blue Diamond Discus are unique, with thin, oval-shaped bodies and long decorated fins. They are popular because of their vibrant iridescent blue color. Blue Diamond Discus are carnivorous and should be fed frozen or dried bloodworms and tubifex, granular pellets, high-quality flake food, and frozen meaty food. They can reach up to 10 inches.

Maintaining the recommended water pH should be between 6.0 and 6.5, the water temperature should be between 82ºF and 86ºF, and the water hardness should be soft and medium to keep these fish more active with better metabolism, faster growth, and brighter colors.


Care Level: Difficult
Temperament: Peaceful
Lifespan: 10 Years

3 reviews for 2-3″ Blue Diamond Juvies

  1. Ray Cooper

    The blue diamond discus is stunning I’m mad because I only ordered 1 I’m about to order 4 more beautiful fish

  2. Hamo0803

    i would like to order more pair

    • US Tropical Fish

      Thank you so much!

  3. John Pullantes (verified owner)

    I ordered couple discus last year and one of them was a blue diamond. It grew beautiful and healthy so I decided to order 5 more today with my friends order. Highly recommend it top notch fish!!

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