We here at US Tropical Fish work hard to ensure that you receive live healthy fish. We guarantee that your fish will be delivered alive and healthy. If you receive a Dead on Arrival, fish do not worry. You will receive a 100% refund on the fish INCLUDING shipping charges. You can choose to receive a refund or receive a credit on your next order.

***This policy covers UPS shipments ONLY.

  1. In order to receive a refund or credit, you MUST take a video of the unboxing and the dead fish INSIDE THE TANK.
  2. Send an email and upload the video to us at OR fill the contact form next to this policy in this page. 
  3. Please take a 5-minute video of the fish INSIDE THE FISH TANK focused on the gills to help identify if the fish is still breathing.
  4. The email must be sent within TWO HOURS of receiving your fish.
  5. You also MUST give us a call within two hours of receiving your package at 747-888-9694 to inform us of the issue.
  6. In order to receive the live arrival guarantee, you must be home to receive your fish!
  7. We WILL refund shipping costs IF and ONLY IF the box and its packaging is proven to be damaged. 
  8. If the BOX is intact without damage but the fish are dead, WE WILL REFUND ONLY THE COST OF THE FISH. Shipping cost not included.
  9. Packages that miss their first delivery attempt must be obtained on a second same-day delivery attempt or collected from the shipping facility on the original delivery date.
  10. Packages that are obtained the day after the original delivery date will still be covered under the live arrival guarantee. However, WE WILL ONLY REFUND the DOA fish and NOT the SHIPPING COST.
  11. Packages that utilize the Hold for Pickup or Airport-to-Airport option will only be able to get the live arrival guarantee if the package is picked up on the delivery date.
  12. We will STRICTLY FOLLOW the shipping information provided by the customer in any order made. Any wrong information provided by the customer that may cause delay to shipment is NOT covered by this policy.