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The rituals of courtship and pre-spawn activities of a Discus Fish can be quite a sight to behold. The Royal Courtship can go on for a few days. Now, let’s together explore the Facts & Queries about the Royal Courtship of a Discus Fish!

How do Discus Fish initiate courtship?

  • The Discus Fish can be a romantic in displaying signs for finding a mate. It will be noticeable that the males will display more vibrant colors to attract their chosen mate.
  • In addition, the Discus Fish is also known to be a performer in their courtship because of its gleeful performance of the famous “Discus Dance”.

What is the Discus Dance?

  • A Discus Dance is a courtship dance serves as a way for the pair to officially begin the process of spawning.
  • This courtship dance brings the pair closer together in preparation to raise their young.
  • In the Discus dance, the male and female breeding pair will approach each other, bow, swim vertically upwards, and then circle back around and repeat the same process.

What Are the Signs of Pair Bonding in Discus Fish?

• Territorial Behavior

  • The Discus Fish become highly territorial during the process of pair bonding especially in the presence of other fish.
  • Male Discus Fish displays aggressive behavior and will be busy chasing other fish away from the Female Discus or the area where the Discus pair is located.
  • In addition, Male Discus Fish uses the aggressive behavior to claim the Female Discus Fish as their mate and they can very possessive on their chosen mate.

• Cleaning the Spawning Area

  • The Discus Fish Pair will begin cleaning the chosen area where they would spawn.
  • The signs of this activity is when the Discus Pair starts picking at the area with their mouths, moving rocks, pebbles or anything else that is in the location. 

• Displaying Vibrant Colors

  • During the pair bonding process, Discus fish often display colors that are more vibrant which they use to attract their mate.
  • In additional, the Discus fish also use color display to inform potential mates that they are ready to begin the mating process.

How to create strong bond among Discus Fish pair?

  • After the Discus Fish pair has formed a connection in the community tank, it is advisable to let them practice a bit before rushing them into a breeding tank.
  • Practicing helps to form a strong bond between the Discus Fish Pair to help avoid problems like fighting when moved to the breeding tank.
  • If the first spawn is not successful, the Discus Fish Pair will spawn again in the next 5-9 days.

How to know that spawning of a Discus Fish Pair is right around the corner?

  • There many visual signs which indicate that spawning is coming like the fins of the Discus fish will begin to darken and the center of its body will become a noticeably darker shade.
  • In addition, the Discus couple will select a vertical surface to the lay eggs when spawning is getting nearer.
  • Lastly, theDiscus Pair will “tremble” like its shivering when a spawn is nearing.

What is a Discus Breeding Cone?

  • A Discus breeding coneis a conical structure made of natural stoneware that provides a substrate for the discus to lay their eggs on.
  • Putting a Discus Breeding Cone into the tank is one of the most common method in Discus Breeding.
  • The Discus Breeding Cone can also be use as decoration and serve as the a tank substrate.

Does Discus Fish pair for life?

  • The Discus Fish do not pair for life so it is expected that they can form another pair bonding with other Discus Fishes.
  • One can mix and match pairings in Discus Breeding. It also possible to even force a pairing when necessary.
  • Keep in mind that breeding for a Discus Fish is instinctual and not emotional.

The Facts & Queries mentioned are just a glimpse of how the Royal Courtship takes place. One should know that every Discus Fish Pair is different. This difference can help in becoming more patient in breeding the Discus Fish. The Royal Courtship is just the beginning of the journey in Discus Breeding and it is very advisable to sharpen the sword of knowledge to have higher chances in breeding a Discus Fish successfully.

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