Discus Fish Problem: Cloudy Eye


From time to time, we often encounter problems when keeping discus fish in an aquarium. They can vary from simple, manageable diseases, to critical ones. Regardless, we are here to offer quick solutions.

In this article, we will specifically tackle about cloudy eye on discus. Cloudy eye is among the most common conditions breeders, keepers, and hobbyists alike, would often meet. In fact, this can be found not only on discus but on other tropical aquarium fish types as well. Although, it must be noted that there are some rare fish species which have normal cloudy appearance to their eyes.

It has to be known that under normal circumstances, a cloudy eye is never a disease in itself. Rather, it is a symptom that may or may not signal a much serious discus disease or medical condition.

Much like fever, treating cloudy eye doesn’t necessarily mean the problem with the fish is already over. We recommend close observation to ensure the discus health state and condition.

With regards to fatalities, deaths caused by cloudy eye are close to none existent. If it occurs, then the primary infection might already be at a very late stage of progression. Infections are usually bacterial, but it can be fungal as well.

Things to Know About Cloudy Eye

For whatever reason your discus has cloudy eye, the condition itself is not contagious to other fish. This means you shouldn’t be that alarmed when you see a discus fish with its eye(s) covered with white film. Instead, try to figure out what are the possible causes of the condition. Early detection of the cause of discus cloudy eye increases the chance for your fish to survive as well as early remediation.

Reasons of Cloudy Eye

Again, a cloudy eye occurs in discus as a symptom of an infection which in turn is caused by several factors. Here are some possible causes for such condition:

-Experts and discus breeders in California would immediately attribute poor water quality when it comes to cloudy eye. Water which has high levels of ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite makes it easy for the condition to appear. Another probably cause is low pH. This happens especially among new tropical fish keepers who still don’t know how to achieve the desirable water pH level. Other than cloudy eye, poor water quality brings negative impact on the health of the fish. This is why, aside from pH level, it is important to keep the fish tank clean and if possible, clear at all times. This can be done by maintaining the nitrogen cycle and changing the water regularly.

-Another cause for cloudy eye is disorder of the immune system. Malnutrition, weakness, impotence, or disease brings this kind of problem. Discus fish may also suffer from bullying from other tank fish and this causes severe stress to them.

-Aside from the above probable reasons, sometimes side effects brought by medication results to cloudy eye. This can also be related to poisoning caused by high water toxic level.

How to Treat and Cure Cloudy Eye

Again, a cloudy eye in discus fish is nothing but a symptom of another infection. There is still yet no particular treatment other than observing a clean and chemically-balanced water tank. If conditions get worse, contact your nearest aquarium fish experts or discuss breeders in California.

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