More Perfect Tank Mate Choices for Your Discus Fish

More Perfect Tank Mate Choices for Your Discus Fish

Posted by US Tropical Fish on May 9th 2018

Discus fish are highly sociable animals. Naturally, they thrive in schools. It’s hard for them to survive when they are alone. This is despite proper care and tank maintenance. It’s because they yearn for company and this is a crucial factor in their overall well-being.

Aside from their own kind, discus fish do get a long extremely well with other fish types. In fact, some discus fish care experts would recommend filling up an aquarium tank with variety of species as this too promotes a positive effect on the survivability and health of the discus.

In a previous post, we revealed the 5 perfect discus tank mates that you can buy from your local tropical fish dealer. For this article, we will add a handful more others so that you will have more options to choose from.

1. Siamese Algae Eater

One of the most prominent characteristics of the Siamese Algae Eater is its peaceful demeanor. They are the type that likes to be in their own business and not minding the others. This business, as you might wonder, is eating algae. Yes, as hinted in its name, this fish loves to gobble on algae. This makes them a staple in any aquarium especially if the tank is heavily laden with plants.

2. Ram Cichlid

Another great addition to your tank of discus fish are the ram cichlids. Like the algae-loving Siamese fish, these cichlids are well on their own and quite peaceful. They find it easy to thrive in an environment as that of the discus and won’t come in their way. Sure, the ram cichlids can be territorial at times. However, this is probably the time when they are in a mating season and you happen to have a breeding pair. Removing them during the spawning stage should easily solve the problem.

3. Rainbowfish

Keeping rainbowfish in a tank with discus is a common sight to see in Australia. It’s a widespread practice among aquarists there to co-habit the two for a very apparent reason – they look so stunningly beautiful when together. Putting the aesthetic value aside, rainbowfish and discus share similar living conditions and thus, putting them in the same captive environment shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Clown Loach

A perfect tank mate for discus fish is the clown loach. They are considerably small in size and tend to swim in groups. Some hobbyists, however, might think the loach can be a hassle to live with for the discus. As often observed, these striped fishes tend to go frenzy during feeding. This kind of behaviour may spook the more peace-long discus fish. Still, when properly reared, the clown loach shouldn’t be a bother for your prized tropical fish.

If you are unsure on what type of fish you can add as tank mates for your discus, you may reach out for a discus fish care expert. They could provide you with more insights as to what and why this particular fish is a perfect pair for your discus.

What are the types of fishes you keep together with your discus? Share them in the comments below.

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