7 Factors to Consider in Setting Up the Best Lighting for Discus Aquarium

7 Factors to Consider in Setting Up the Best Lighting for Discus Aquarium

Posted by US Tropical Fish on May 17th 2018

Having the best-looking aquarium isn’t just about the fish you put into the tank. Aside from its floating inhabitants, everything falls into consideration: the plants, the media, the ornaments, and even the lighting. To make your discus fish tank a true attention grabber, you should be able to highlight what appeals to the visual senses. This can be done with a simple tweak on how you set up your aquarium lighting.

If you already have an aquarium and wish to improve its overall presentation, or perhaps you’re planning to build one in your home or at the office, then this article is for you. Here, we’re going to touch on the essential factors that one must keep in mind when setting up aquarium lighting.

Despite its aesthetic purpose, lighting is very important in the overall welfare of the fish. Discus, in particular, relies heavily on the right spectrum of light as well as intensity, for them to grow and stay healthy. Needless to say, a wrong lighting can put your tropical fish at risk while at the same time, compromise the look of your tank.

Here are the things to consider when you wish to set up the best discus fish aquarium lighting.


LED aquarium lights come in different sizes. Obviously, if your tank is big then it would need more light; smaller ones need less light. Opt for lights that provide ample coverage and intensity.

Internal Tank Effects

How the lights affect the interior of the tank matters greatly. When choosing lights, think as to what color you’d like to see illuminated in your tank. Choose accordingly. Furthermore, put into consideration as to how it could affect the colors of the fish or the corals. Does it have an enhancing or contrasting effect?

External Tank Effects

As important as the last factor, external effects should also be checked. We recommend using LED lighting setup that has minimalistic design. Otherwise, if it’s too big, it might take away the streamline appeal of the aquarium tank.


Choose aquarium lighting with the utmost quality in mind. Though some LED lights have cheaper price tags, this could mean that they won’t last long. Avoid those that seem to break easily, have loose output, and have the potential to change its color spectrum.

Ease of Use

A lot of LED aquarium lights today have software and programming options that make it easy to control the light presentation. For serious hobbyists, there are options which would require the use of computer for a much wider array of customizations. This may entail familiarity of the software and learning how to do it can take some time. Regardless, if you simply just want to get things done easily, then choose the more convenient lighting set up.

What’s Inside the Tank

Of course, when thinking about the lights, you must also consider the things that it is shining upon for. As stated above, you must be able to identify the kind of fish or plants inhabiting the tank and how much light they need. Put their welfare to the fore before choosing the types of lighting to install.


This is really entirely on personal basis. Just be mindful how much the lighting setup is and the cost of running it.

These are the seven factors one should consider when setting up the best lighting for discus aquarium. If in doubts, you may want to contact your nearest tropical fish store expert. They may provide help in these aesthetic matters.

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