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These examples are just another piece of evidence on how amazing the species of Rainbowfish are. Most of these types are available on our website and mind you, keeping a rainbow fish will add color to your life! In conclusion, it is still important to bear in mind that the Rainbowfish, no matter what the type is, needs tremendous effort and high-quality fish food to maintain their overall wellbeing.

  • Banded Rainbow Fish
    • The Banded Rainbowfish is very known for its variety of color and forms.
    • The body of a Banded Rainbowfish is compressed. It has a small head and its dorsal and anal fins are both long-based.
    • There is also a faint dark stripe that is present along the side of the body of a Banded Rainbowfish.
  • Boesemoni Rainbow Fish
    • The Boesemani Rainbow with a scientific name of “Melanotaenia boesemani” is a rainbow fish that is originated from New Guinea.
    • This type of rainbowfish can reach up to four inches and can live eight years in captivity.
  • Celebes Rainbow fish
    • The Celebes Rainbowfish with a scientific name of “Marosatherina ladigesi” is one of the less widespread rainbowfish species.
    • This type pf Rainbowfish can only be found in the streams of Sulawesi, Indonesia.
    • Celebes Rainbowfish loves to live in very large schools in areas with dense vegetation.  
    • The Celebes Rainbowfish enjoys the cover of floating plants.
  • Dwarf Rainbow Fish
    • The Dwarf Rainbowfish looks like any Rainbow fish but it is smaller in size.
    • This type of Rainbowfish can only reach up to 2 – 2.5 inches.
    • The Dwarf Rainbowfish also have the big eyes and the twin dorsal fins.
  • Gertrude’s Spotted Blue Eye Rainbow fish
    • The Gertrude’s Spotted Blue Eye Rainbowfish has a scientific name of “Pseudomugil gertrudae”.
    • This  rainbowfish is one of the lesser widespread type of the Blue Eye Rainbowfish.
    • The Gertrude’s Spotted Blue Eye Rainbowfish originated from Indonesia, New Guinea, and Australia. 
  • Lake Kutubu Rainbow Fish
    • Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish with a scientific name “Melanotaenia lacustris” is a stunning colorful type of rainbowfish.
    • This type of rainbowfish is peaceful and active fish.
  • MacCulloch’s Rainbow fish
    • MacCulloch’s Rainbowfish can grow up to 3 inches in length.
    • This type of rainbow fish has a more pronounced tint of yellow on both body and fins.
    • The dorsal and anal fins of a MacCulloch’s Rainbow fish  are adorned by prominent black striping.
  • Pacific Signifier Blue Eye Rainbow Fish
    • The Pacific Blue Eye Signifer Rainbowfish with a scientific name of Pseudomugil signifer is one of the most widespread type of Rainbow fish.
    • This type of Rainbow Fish displays stunning bright blue eyes that contrasts elegantly its yellow to orange bodies.
  • Parkinson’s Rainbow Fish
    • The Parkinson’s Rainbowfish is a large rainbow fish and can grow up to 5.91 inches!
    • The slender and long body of a Parkinson’s Rainbow has a pattern of the orange markings that are both unique and attractive.
  • Red Neon Blue eye rainbow fish
    • Red Neon Blue Eye Rainbowfish has a scientific name of “Pseudomugil luminatus”.
    • The male Red Neon Blue Eye Rainbowfish displays a vibrant neon red to red-orange and blue coloration on their bodies.
  • Red Rainbow Fish
    • The Red Rainbowfish is a large rainbow fish that grow up to 6 inches!
    • This type of Rainbowfish has a long and slender body with silver scales.
    • Mature males of a Red Rainbow Fish have a highly arched back and very narrow head.
  • Threadfin Rainbow Fish
    • Threadfin Rainbowfish with a scientific name of “Iriatherina weneri” is an excellent addition to any aquarium.
    • This particular rainbowfish is known for the very long, ornate rear fin extensions that mature adults possess.
  • Forktail Rainbow
    • Forktail Rainbowfish are one of the most underrated type of Rainbowfish.
    • This type of fish are peaceful, easy to care for, and stunning to look at. This fish is also called as Forktail Blue Eye.
    • The Forktail Rainbowfish has a vibrant and colorful appearance that stands out in a natural backdrop.

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